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PDF instructions for building the famous German Crocodile. It was a heavy electric locomotive used for long goods trains. It was used in Germany and Austria. A total of 200 examples were built in the years 1940 - 1956.


The finished model consists of about 1636 parts, is 57 studs long and about 11 studs wide. The main part is about 16 studs high and with the pantographs extended about 20 studs. The model can be motorised very easily with two Power Functions L-motors (one per nub). The battery pack and the IR receiver are in the cabin. The locomotive is equipped with many details, such as the removed driver's cabs, the chassis or the roof superstructures. The roof can be removed very easily.


The model is available in six different versions. This item is the red ÖBB version.

PDF instructions ÖBB 1020 (red)

SKU: EU100013