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The steam locomotives of the type DR BR 01 were steam locomotives of the "Deutsche Reichsbahn". They were mainly used in heavy express train service. They were built between 1925 and 1938 by various manufacturers such as AEG, Borsig or Henschel and were taken out of service in 1982. They reached top speeds of around 130 km / h and had an output of around 2200 hp.


The model can be motorized with a Power-Functions L-motor. The engine is installed in the driver's cab, the battery box in the tender and the IR receiver in the boiler. The model is equipped with numerous details, such as the functional chassis, the boiler superstructures or the detailed driver's cab (if no engine is installed). It consists of approx. 885 individual parts, depending on the version, and is approx. 54 knobs long with the tender.

DR BR 01 (Witte smoke deflectors)

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