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Up2date option

"up2date" - benefit from up-to-date instructions for longer

With the "up2date" option, you benefit from up-to-date instructions for longer. All our models are subject to a life cycle. If we receive feedback and revise a model, you can purchase the latest version with an "up2date".


The cost per "up2date" is 10% of the original item sales price, but at least 1€. Of course, this option requires that you have already regularly purchased the respective item at an earlier point in time. 


The purchase of an "up2date" without the previous purchase of the instructions is excluded!


In order to be able to purchase an "up2date", please fill in the adjacent form. We will then check whether you are eligible and send you a payment request in this case. After receipt of payment, you will receive a discount code to download the manual free of charge.


There is no download limit. The option can be purchased independently of the respective place of purchase (,,, ...). 


Please make sure to enter the data correctly, otherwise your request cannot be assigned.s

Thank you for your message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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