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The DR BR 106 were diesel-hydraulic shunting locomotives for medium-heavy shunting and shunting services. About 1/4 of the locomotives were exported to other countries, to Comecon countries as well as to NSW. The Egyptian State Railways, the BDŽ and the SNTF received these locomotives. In addition, the class 106 locomotives were used on industrial railways in many countries.

The model can be motorized with a Power-Functions M-Motor, which sits vertically in the driver's cab, the infrared receiver in the rear area and the battery box in the front part of the locomotive, whereby an optimal weight distribution is achieved. The model consists of approx. 714 individual parts, with a length of approx. 32 studs.

The model was specially developed for the use of "Big Ben Bricks" railway wheels and our 3D printed dummy wheels.

DR BR 106

SKU: EU600006
  • individual parts 714 pcs
    length 32 studs
    width 10 studs
    height 13 studs
    version February 20

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