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PDF instructions for building a large American locomotive shed with many details, such as the maintenance pit under one of the two sidings, gates that can be opened, ventilation on the roof, lighting around the shed, removable two-part roof, small office space, maintenance platform, a drill and a milling machine. The model consists of gigantic 1063 individual parts, inside there are 2 sidings, one of which has a maintenance pit for the locomotives. The set can be integrated very easily into an existing rail network, but it is necessary to put the rails on the level (3 knobs high) of the locomotive shed, as the locomotive shed stands on a kind of platform in order to realize the maintenance pit. The locomotive shed was specially built for the transfer table, which is also available here, which is already on the same level. For installation with the transferring platform, the existing rails may have to be shortened a little to ensure smooth operation.

PDF instructions for the locomotive shed transfer table

SKU: US900003
  • individual parts 1063 pcs
    length 60 studs
    width 38 studs
    height 30 studs
    version January 18