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The Schwerkleinwagen or Rottenkraftwagen Klv 53 are rail tractors, which are mainly used for track construction and maintenance work. They are available in various special designs with and without a crane, as well as in a team with an associated flat wagon.

The finished model consists of approx. 569 individual parts and can be motorized using the Power Functions M-Motor. Despite the flat loading floor, the M-motor is installed here and hidden under a dummy pallet. The motor drives both axes of the main unit via worm shafts. This drive concept results in a prototypical driving behavior. The IR receiver is located in the driver's cab and the 9V battery box is built into the floor of the trailer. The model is built in two different versions, optionally with an old 9V battery box or with a PF battery box. This article is the 9V variant.

Copyright of model by S. Jakobi / Dr. Snotson

PDF instructions for Rottenkraftwagen Klv 53 9V

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