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The DB series V60 are shunting diesel locomotives of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. A total of 942 units were built by manufacturers such as Mak, Krupp or Henschel. It was developed to compensate for the shortage as small shunting locomotives. They reach speeds of a maximum of 60 km / h and have engines with 632 PS and 650 PS installed.

The model consists of approx. 545 individual parts and can be motorized with a Power Functions M-Motor. The locomotive is approx. 33 knobs long and 10 knobs wide. Despite the small size of the model, there is space inside, together with the infrared receiver and battery box. It is currently available in two different colors.

The model was specially developed for the use of "Big Ben Bricks" medium railway wheels and our 3D printed dummy wheels.

DB BR V60 (ocean blue)

SKU: EU600004
  • individual parts 545 pcs
    length 33 studs
    width 10 studs
    height 13 studs
    version 19.01