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The famous Swiss Crocodile was a heavy electric locomotive that was used on long freight trains on the "Gotthard Railway". It was used in Switzerland. 46 copies were built from 1919 - 1922.


PDF instructions for building a very detailed and fully functional model of the SBB Ce 6/8. The model consists of approx. 1729 individual parts and is approx. 65 nubs long.  The clever positioning of the pivot points between the two snouts and the main part creates between the individual elements no gaps and yet the locomotive is full of curves and switches. As in the prototype, the axles below the cab are connected to the other axles via coupling rods. When driving through curves, these can swing to the side below the cab. The model can be motorized with up to two Power Functions L motors. The IR receiver and the battery box are located inside the cabin. Front and rear lighting can also be integrated.


In the new version, the worm drive has been redesigned into a conventional gear. The fronts and the cable routing modified and the forerunner adapted.


Copyright of model by S. Jakobi / Dr. Snotson


PDF instructions SBB CE 6/8 green

SKU: EU100019
  • Items 1729Length 65Broad10Height 18version23.01


  • Mainly components from set 10277 are used, which fit perfectly into the color scheme. (547 components can be used from set 10277)

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