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The locomotives of the DB BR E 91 series, formerly DR BR E 91, are electric freight locomotives with an hourly output of 1,660 kW. They reached top speeds of around 55 km/h and were designed for heavy goods transport.


The finished model consists of approx. 1608 individual parts and is approx. 53 knobs long. It can be motorized with up to two Power-Functions L motors, whereby one motor is installed for each snout. The remaining electrical components are located in the middle section.


The model can be used with thehereavailable 3D printing drive rods. 

The instructions are available in three different colors. This is the DB version in green.

PDF instructions DB BR E91 green

SKU: EU100026
  • individual parts1608pcslength53 studsBroad9 studsHeight16 studsversion23.01


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