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The DB BR E40 is a standard electric locomotive of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. It was built between 1957 and 1973 by manufacturers such as Krupp or Henschel for freight transport. A total of around 880 copies were built. After almost 60 years in service, the locomotives were retired in October 2016. Today, a large number of these locomotives are still used by private companies.

The model consists of approx. 1351 individual parts, depending on the variant, is approx. 54 knobs long. The model can be motorized with up to two Power Functions XL motors. Then all four axles are driven and the locomotive reaches a high level of power.

The variant of the Railadventure BR 139 is only available without the lettering.


SKU: EU100011
  • individual parts 1355 pcs
    length 54 studs
    width 10 studs
    height 16 studs
    version 19.01