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The DD51 class of the Japan Railway Company is a heavy diesel-hydraulic locomotive with the very unusual B-2-B axle arrangement. With this arrangement, the two outer double bogies are driven and the middle double bogie runs with it. Between 1962 and 1978, a total of 649 examples of this locomotive were built by well-known manufacturers such as Kawasaki Sharyo, Hitachi and Mitsubishi. They reach top speeds of approx. 95km/h and have an output of over 2000 hp.


The finished model consists of approx. 1616 individual parts and has a length of approx. 68 nubs. The model can be motorized with two Power Functions traction motors and equipped with front and rear lights. The IR receiver is installed in one of the snouts, the battery box or the accumulator box in the large driver's cab. Motorization using Powered Up should also be possible.


You will receive the instructions for two different versions. In version 1, the middle double bogie can be moved sideways. Due to the prototypical length of the locomotive, this version can only be used on large radii. In version 2, the middle double bogie was replaced by a dummy. As a result, the locomotive body can swivel much further and can therefore also be used on standard R40 radii.

PDF Instructions JNR Class DD51

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