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The steam locomotives of the type DR BR 01 were steam locomotives of the "Deutsche Reichsbahn". They were mainly used in heavy express train service. They were built between 1925 and 1938 by various manufacturers such as AEG, Borsig or Henschel and were taken out of service in 1982. They reached top speeds of around 130 km / h and had an output of around 2200 hp.

This model is characterized by its particularly high level of detail. The silver boiler rings and the structures on the boiler, including pipes and valves, are almost perfectly reproduced. The model consists of approx. 1381 individual parts and is available in black and steel blue. Especially in the blue color scheme, this locomotive is a real eye-catcher on any railway system. The model can be motorized with Power Functions, with all of the electronics being built into the tender. It is driven by a Power-Functions pull motor. Various SNOT techniques are used to build the locomotive.

The model was specially developed for the use of "Shupp's Brick Train Stuff on Shapeways" railway wheels.

Copyright of model by S. Jakobi / Dr. Snotson

DR BR 01 (black)

SKU: EU200012