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The locomotives of the DR BR 24 were standard passenger locomotives of the "Deutsche Reichsbahn". From 1928 to 1940, 95 copies were built by well-known manufacturers such as Borsig, Henschel or Krupp. In many components they were largely identical to the 64 series and had a total length of approx. 17 m with a tender.

The model can be motorized with a Power-Functions M-Motor below the boiler. The IR receiver is in the driver's cab and the battery box in the tender. The model is equipped with numerous details, such as the undercarriage, the large smoke deflectors or the striking 3-axle tender. The central axis of the tender can be moved sideways to enable cornering. The model consists of approx. 768 individual parts and is approx. 48 knobs long. It is available in two different colors.

DR BR 24 (gray)

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