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A model of the DR BR 99.23 tank locomotive, as it is still in use today on the "Harzer Schmalspurbahn". Between 1954 and 1956, a total of 17 LKM Babelsberg models were built.

The model can be motorized with a Power Functions XL motor. The engine is housed in the driver's cab, the battery box in the boiler and the IR receiver in the coal storage. Due to the engine and the gearbox, this locomotive has a similar pulling power as the "Smaragd Express" from LEGO. The model is equipped with numerous details, such as the functioning chassis, the boiler superstructures or the detailed driver's cab (only for the driver's cab variant). Depending on the version, it consists of approx. 686 individual parts and is approx. 40 studs long.

DR BR 99.23

SKU: EU200002
  • individual parts 689 pcs
    length 40 studs
    width 11 studs
    height 13 studs
    version 19.01

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