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The class 39 steam locomotives are tender locomotives with the wheel arrangement 1'D1', which were mainly used in passenger train service. Between 1922 and 1927, approx. 260 locomotives were built by the Borsig company. With a service mass of approx. 110t, these locomotives reached maximum speeds of approx. 110 km/h.


The finished model has a length of approx. 65 studs and consists of approx. 1416 individual parts. It can be motorised with the help of two Power Functions L-motors. These are installed in the boiler. The IR receiver and the battery box are installed in the tender. Besides the very detailed driver's cab, the model is equipped with several other details. The manual is available in five different versions. This is the DB (Deutsche Bundesbahn) version.


Copyright of model by Simon Jakobi / Dr. Snotson

PDF instructions DB BR 39

SKU: EU200020