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The DB BR VT 98 diesel railcars act  it is branch line railcars or rail buses, which in the 60s the  Replaced steam trains on branch lines. Compared to the unprofitable steam trains, these rail buses, also known as Uerdinger rail buses, could be put together more flexibly and could be moved by a train driver alone. These rail buses reached top speeds of 90 km / h and some of them are still in use today on museum railways.


The complete combination, consisting of railcar VT 98, sidecar and bicycle trailer VB 141, was made around 1736  Individual parts and can be controlled by means of a Power-Functions train motor  motorize. Motorization with powered-up is also possible. The motors are installed horizontally inside.  Despite the small size, there is space for the motor, battery box and IR receiver in the housing. The roof can be removed to operate the switch on the battery box. 


The sidecar is a little shorter and is not motorized, it has the same design as the railcar.


The bike / luggage trailer has two flaps which can be folded up. Inside there is space for suitcases and up to four bicycles.


This article is the guide to  Set. These  is also available individually, only as a VT 98 multiple unit.

PDF instructions DB BR VT 98 / DB 798 + sidecar + bicycle trailer VB 141

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