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The DR BR E 04 are electric locomotives that were designed for express train traffic and were used from 1933. They reached top speeds of up to 130 km / h and were built by AEG.

The finished model consists of approx. 1383 individual parts and can be optionally motorized with a Power-Functions train motor, but also with Powered Up. The other electrical components are located inside the housing. Both chassis are rotatably mounted. Due to the special axis arrangement, this model is an interesting eye-catcher.

The model was specially developed for the 3D printed wheels available here.

The model is largely based on the E17 from S. Jakobi / Dr. Snotson

PDF instructions DR E 04 / DB BR 104

SKU: EU100021
  • individual parts 1383 pcs length 44 studs width 10 studs height 17 studs version 21.01


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