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The electric locomotives of the E 19 series reached top speeds of up to 180 km / h and were thus among the fastest electric locomotives of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. A total of only 4 copies were built in 1938 by manufacturers like AEG, SSW or Henschel.

The finished model can easily be motorized with either up to two LEGO Power Functions train motors or Powered Up train motors.

The model was specially developed for the 3D printed wheels available here.

Copyright of model by S. Jakobi / Dr. Snotson

Many thanks to Matthias / Bricked4You for the suggestion!

PDF instructions DR E 19 / DB BR 119

SKU: EU100020
  • individual parts 1419 pcs length 49 studs width 10 studs height 16 studs version 21.01