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At SBB Re 4/4 II  or Re 420 is a four-axle universal electric locomotive  of the Swiss Federal Railways. It is used in front of both freight trains and passenger trains. A total of 273 examples of this locomotive were built between 1964 and 1985.  The prototype reaches a top speed of approx. 140 km / h and has a continuous output of 3700  kW.


The finished model consists of approx. 1201  Individual parts and can, if desired, be motorized with up to two Powered Up train engines. Motorization with Power-Functions pull motors is also possible due to the size. The roof can be removed to operate the switch on the battery box. The distinctive front or  the running boards in the front area are almost perfectly reproduced. 

The instructions are available in seven different colors. This is the TEE variant in beige and dark red.   Dark red is a rare color and therefore quite expensive. The variant in standard red can be a cheaper alternative here.


The model was specially developed for the M bikes available here.

PDF instructions SBB Re 4/4 II / Re 420 TEE dark

SKU: EU100024