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This locomotive is the oldest representative of a very successful design at the Deutsche Reichsbahn, which could be found in all parts of the country. It was built as a test model ready for series production and served as a test locomotive. It aroused a lot of interest because of its coloring in particular and became a legend at the Deutsche Reichsbahn. After assignments in Halle and Leipzig, she came to Wittenberg in 1972 and has been employed here ever since. It is a rarity for a locomotive to stay in one place for so long. After decommissioning, we took over the locomotive and restored it to the condition in which it was exhibited at the Leipzig Trade Fair in 1966 and then used. Our locomotive is a technical monument of the state of Saxony-Anhalt and a museum locomotive of the Deutsche Bahn.



When it was implemented in the model, special attention was paid to the distinctive "roof-shaped" bonnet and the detailed chassis. The model can be driven with up to two power functions, powered up or 9V traction motors. The locomotive also offers enough space to turn the two round fans with an M motor. 

PDF instructions V100-003 Förderverein Berlin-Anhaltische-Eisenbahn e.V.

SKU: EU600001
  • individual parts 900pcs
    length 42 studs
    Broad 10 students
    Height 14 students


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