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The famous Swiss crocodile was a heavy electric locomotive that was used on long freight trains on the "Gotthard Railway". It was used in Switzerland. 46 units were built between 1919 and 1922.

The model consists of about 1400 parts, is 61 studs long and about 10 studs wide. The main part is about 17 studs high, with the pantos extended, about 21 studs. The model can easily be motorized with two Power Functions M motors (one per nose). The battery pack and the IR transmitter are located in the cabin. The locomotive is equipped with many details, inside the cab, in the driver's cab and outside, on the bogies or in the details on the roof.

The roof can be easily removed.

SBB Ce 6/8 "Crocodile" (brown)

SKU: EU100010
  • individual parts 1471
    length 61
    width 10
    height 17th
    version 19.01